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Глубокий синий

Сергей Болдырев - Глубокий синий

Дата: 2010

S.Bolser — Deep blue. Part 6

S.Bolser — Deep blue. Part 5

S.Bolser — Deep blue. Part 4. Full speed

S.Bolser — Deep blue. Part 3

S.Bolser — Deep blue. Part 2

S.Bolser — Deep blue. Part 1. Deep blue

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  1. Dennis — 19.06.2011 | 02:41

    Hi Sergei,

    what a luck is this? I was looking for an new wp-shopsys and came over to u.

    Great Music, realy great. Ur hardcorestuff is comming in a mix of realy smooth and straight intensive heavyness, I love it. Also ur other stuff — wow!

    Befor I start with my darkdrone blog I’m testing a little bit around an tumblr to get some readers and good lis10ers, it would be a great pleasure for me to promote u and ur music. Do u have a site like bandcamp, where I can connect to it and write something to it?

    U can reach me on the given email,
    hope to here frome u..


  2. bolser — 19.06.2011 | 15:20

    Hello, Dennis.
    Thank You very much for detailed commentary. I have and use only this my site and some social network services. I am very pleased that you liked my music. I am writing it primarily for my pleasure. It is rare who like because of its specificity. And the quality is relative, not high enough it was. But there is no limit to perfection. Currently in the development of a new album, with a higher, in my opinion, the level of sound.

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